Echobit was founded on the belief that the more connected we are, the more our experiences will enrich one another. Indeed, throughout human history, it has been our ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate that has allowed for our survival as a species, and helped us overcome our most vexing challenges.

Why, then, do so many products and services set out to create barriers to this very same connectivity? Why do so many companies intentionally inhibit the way people naturally want to live, work, and play?

Echobit is committed to challenging the status quo through the creation of truly open and inclusive platforms—platforms built to offer everyone a greater level of connectedness. The closer we get to this goal, the better off we'll all be.

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Our first platform, LAN Bridger, was born out of the difficulty Echobit's founders experienced when attempting to share files, access music, and administer remote computers via the internet. How could something done so easily on a local network be so hard to do remotely? There had to be a better way. So we created LAN Bridger, the easy-to-use VPN platform that makes connecting as easy as a couple of clicks.

LAN Bridger is available today as a free public beta for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It can be downloaded from the LAN Bridger website.

Our second platform, Evolve, was created to fix the frustratingly fragmented experience of multiplayer gaming. Too many services, too many profiles, too much hassle—the result of too little interoperability. Gaming is one walled garden after another — walls that threaten the viability of gaming altogether. Evolve is setting out to change this trend with a platform that's as open to players as it is to developers.

Evolve is in open beta and is available at the Evolve website. Sign up today and quit playing with yourself!

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LAN Bridger

Blow away the internet barrier with LAN Bridger. Share files, access music, administer machines. Available now for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.


Evolve flips the fragmented experience of PC gaming on its head with a suite of gaming utilities and one unified interface. Are you ready to Evolve?