Jul 18

Q2, 2010: Advisors, Alpha, and Angels (Part I)

The last ~90 days have been filled with breakthroughs on many levels.

The creativity and hard work that has gone into our journey during this time has been inspiring and fruitful.

Three things stand out as our biggest endeavors over the last few months:

  • Advisors
  • Alpha
  • (The search for) Angels

So on the first topic of advisors, it is my pleasure to announce that we’ve recently completed the assembly of an international board of advisors consisting of top-tier consumer tech and game industry experts and luminaries.

They are:

  • Wim Stocks – Former President/COO, Elephant Entertainment; Executive VP, Atari; Executive VP, GT Interactive
  • Robert Stephens – Founder, The Geek Squad; and recently named CTO, Best Buy
  • Maxime Julien – Former COO, Electronic Arts; VP Operations, Ubisoft
  • Jim Rossignol – Author, This Gaming Life; founding blogger, Rock, Paper, Shotgun; writer for PC Gamer, Wired, and Edge
  • Jenova Chen – Award-winning game company Co-Founder/Creative Director

On behalf of Echobit, I’d like to welcome Wim, Robert, Maxime, Jim, and Jenova to the team. Your experience and talents will bring many valuable perspectives on the gaming landscape in the weeks and months and years ahead. We are thrilled to have you working with us to make Evolve the best online gaming platform in the world.

Update 9/27:  due to other obligations, Maxime is no longer able to support us as an advisor. We thank him for his willingness to help us on our journey thus far, and wish him well in his exciting new endeavors. Bonne chance, Maxime!

Update 5/29/12:  thanks to to Wim and Robert for their contributions over the past two years. Both are moving on and turning their focus to recent, exciting new developments in their primary careers. Thanks again, gentlemen. We’re grateful for your contributions to our progress thus far.

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